5 Star Review for Divided Serenity

Thank you Ursula for the 5 star review on Goodreads and Amazon!

Any Game of Thrones fan will see some similarities, and enjoy them. There are different societies living very different lives on each side of an impenetrable wall for generations. Just a few individuals cross to patrol the wilder areas on horseback. There are long-standing feuds, sudden violence, hand-to-hand combat, devious plans, broken loyalties and deep friendships.

But there is also futuristic high-tech, some left unexplained for now and some explored in more detail. The writing is particularly impressive on these topics, anchoring Divided Serenity firmly into the SF genre rather than fantasy.

The characters take on life as ‘the plot thickens’; the narrative moves to different places and focuses on different members of the large cast, using some of their memories to add more and more detail. Not quite every piece has fallen into place satisfactorily by the end of the novel so I’ll welcome the next in the series from this new writer. ~Ursula