…and the lines between good and evil have always been clear. Long ago, the ancients colonized the planet Serenity and created the technologically advanced city of Aterra, separated from the indigenous people of Shadowland by an impenetrable wall. The Shadowlanders are primitive, warlike groups that have gathered into two distinct groups that have been at battle with one another for eons. Yet suddenly, strange things are beginning to happen, and the Shadowlanders don’t seem to be fighting one another as much. What’s more, a portion of The Wall which protects Aterra, has unexplainedly come down, perhaps due to an earthquake, or perhaps due to something more sinister. What’s more disturbing is that only three people have the skills to repair it—until the first two disappear en route to a remote power station deep in the forest. Now Hannah, as the last expert, must go. Her journey will take her into a native land engulfed by war between ancient enemies. Along the way, her own perceptions will be changed and she will find herself playing a part in a new rivalry determined to bring down Aterra and rip Shadowland apart.

Divided Serenity (Divided World Book One)

He had waited ten year for revenge, they had waited eons.

John Tanis dreams of killing the man responsible for his exile.

Once loyal to the civilized Aterra, Tanis now fights for Shadowland. But the mysterious arrival of technology outside the wall heralds change.

With the dividing wall failing his new loyalties will be tested, and he must choose between revenge and saving the people he once loved.


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