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It is Hannah’s birthday tomorrow and she should be celebrating her rise to majority. But after a call to Bill’s office those plans are put on hold.

Now she is leaving her home and going out beyond the wall to the mysterious place ordinary Aterrans never go—a primitive land where war and conflict are part of everyday life.

She is leaving because Aterra no longer has an operational wall. And because without that wall, her people are no longer safe.

And she is leaving because, according to Bill, she is Aterra’s last hope and the one person who can fix it.


Divided Serenity (Divided World Book One)

He had waited ten year for revenge, they had waited eons.

John Tanis dreams of killing the man responsible for his exile.

Once loyal to the civilized Aterra, Tanis now fights for Shadowland. But the mysterious arrival of technology outside the wall heralds change.

With the dividing wall failing his new loyalties will be tested, and he must choose between revenge and saving the people he once loved.

What readers are saying about Book One…



GOT + high-tech = best of both



Very well developed world



A tense, gripping dystopian novel


Goodreads 5STAR REVIEW

Not a new concept – haves vs have nots, but the characters are rich, and the writing is crisp, clean, and colorful. The story is engaging, and using the characters to move the plot forward keeps the pages turning. Any book that entertains while forcing you to consider new possibilities is a winner, and Divided Serenity fits the bill.



Great book with an intriguing plot



A great read – a great mix of adventure with a deeper intriguing universe


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