5 Stars for Divided Serenity #SciFi #Fantasy

AMAZON 5 Star Review

Very well developed world

On a planet called Serenity, Aterran colonists live inside a large protective barrier – a wall where its citizens are kept safe from the native Jaru – a primitive warmongering tribe who possess no technology. However, after many generations, there is hardly any Aterran alive today who knows how this ancient technology works, and now the protective force-field wall has come down.

The further I read into this book, the harder it was to put down. Chapters are brief, with each one telling the story from a few select range of characters – whether from inside the city of Aterra, or outside in the warring Shadowlands. I enjoyed the fight scenes which were very descriptive and some were actually quite graphic! John Tanis, leader of the Shadowlands I believe is the best written character who I found very life-like. I could see his attire, his movements, his expressions and feelings. His past relationship with Bill Bremmer, Aterra’s current president seems to be an interesting one, and I can’t wait to read more into it in the second book of the series.

Thank you G.L. Cromarty for creating this awesome world.

About Book One – Divided Serenity

Long ago, when the ancients colonized the planet named Serenity, they displaced an indigenous population and constructed a dividing force-field wall. But when an earthquake destroys the power to the protective wall, only three people have the skills to repair it—until the first two disappear en route. Now Hannah, as the last expert, must go.  Her journey will take her into a native land engulfed by war between ancient enemies. Along the way, her own perceptions will be changed and she will find herself playing a part in a new rivalry between powerful forces in Shadowland determined at bringing down Aterra and that threaten to rip Shadowland apart. [Divided Serenity]

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