Revealing Serenity – 4STAR Review! #books #SCIFI


In life, it isn’t what you deserve, it’s what you are willing to fight for.

Cromarty does an excellent job of bringing the story lines together from Books 1 and 2. She continues to entice with hints as to the origins of the different factions at odds in her part-fantasy and part-science fiction world, and then satisfies your curiosity at the end.

I enjoy stories driven by characters and conversation, which Revealing Serenity is an example of, but I miss her depth at description that made the first two books in the series more “visual” to me. Characters became more identifiable through the use of personal conflicts and interactions, and how they reacted to the greater conflicts of war, betrayal, and intrigue. Even though I followed personalities easily enough, I found myself wishing some of the main characters had more unique “voices.” They remained true to their natures, but with the story heavy on interactions, some quirks and oddities would have helped.

She brought the haves and have-nots closer by reducing technology, making the much awaited clashes more, well, fair. The conflict between races emphasized by her depictions of old ways, modern ways, and new ways of dealing with people, issues, and disputes. Not just in this world, but ours.

There is enough context provided that if someone picked Revealing Serenity up first, the story can be followed without having read the first two books. The characters and events, even the revealing ending, won’t stop you from going back to the first two books to discover how the Divided World evolved. I only hope that if Cromarty decides to revisit this less-divided (more divisive) world, she combines her strengths as a descriptive writer and a character-driven story-teller.

Divided Serenity (Divided World Book One)

He had waited ten year for revenge, they had waited eons.

John Tanis dreams of killing the man responsible for his exile.

Once loyal to the civilized Aterra, Tanis now fights for Shadowland. But the mysterious arrival of technology outside the wall heralds change.

With the dividing wall failing his new loyalties will be tested, and he must choose between revenge and saving the people he once loved.

Serenity Falling (Divided World Book Two)

Revenge is only the beginning.

Hannah thought her work in Shadowland was complete. Station 54 was operational and Aterra was once more safe. There is just one problem…no one in Aterra knows, and Bill is determined to proceed with the war.

With the door to Aterra closed, Hannah and the team head to Thale, the largest and most prestigious of the five great fortresses. But the mysterious return of a badly beaten Marcus has everyone on edge.
The people of Aterra remain ignorant of what is happening beyond their protective wall, but Theo and Nate are determined to uncover the details of Bill’s covert operations in Shadowland. That will mean infiltrating Bill’s private home. And what they uncover will make them question who is really to blame for the enduring conflict between Bill Bremmer and John Tanis.

Revealing Serenity (Divided World Book Three)

Revenge at any cost.

With the wall once more inoperative and their weapons disabled, Aterra’s war on Shadowland is over.

Bill’s plans may be in disarray and his internal power slipping, but he is a man who knows how to adapt. He still holds the mighty Jaru war-tribe under his tenuous control, and now sets his sights on the fortress leaders as future allies in a common quest for revenge against John Tanis.

But Bill isn’t the only one interested in the Jaru war-tribe and their despot leader Ailey, and the mysterious Outliers have plans of their own.

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