Serenity Falling – New Review! #Kindleunlimited #books #SCIFI


“Excellent world and sequel!”

I read the first book in the series, ‘Divided Serenity’, and this is an excellent and exciting follow up book. John Tanis, although he’s no saint, is still my favourite character. He is very well established and realistic, and I can’t wait for the thid book when he is due to meet his nemesis, the president of Aterra, Bill Bremmer. How will this long standing feud go down?

The writing is quite solid, and I enjoyed adventuring through the Shadowland region. The fortresses, forests and the fights are very well laid out. Chapters are nice and brief, so it’s easy to pick up the book and read a chapter or two, or three… It was easy for me to get lost and find out what will happen on the next page, or which character will I be seeing through the eyes of next!

About Book One – Divided Serenity

Long ago, when the ancients colonized the planet named Serenity, they displaced an indigenous population and constructed a dividing force-field wall. But when an earthquake destroys the power to the protective wall, only three people have the skills to repair it—until the first two disappear en route. Now Hannah, as the last expert, must go.  Her journey will take her into a native land engulfed by war between ancient enemies. Along the way, her own perceptions will be changed and she will find herself playing a part in a new rivalry between powerful forces that threaten to rip the lands apart.

[Divided Serenity US] [Divided Serenity UK] [Divided Serenity DE] [Divided Serenity AU] [ Divided Serenity CA] [Or type “Divided Serenity” in your local Amazon store]

About Book Two – Serenity Falling

With the power back and The Wall operational, the land of Aterra is once more safe from the savage armies that dwell in Shadowland. There is just one problem…the people of Aterra have no way of knowing that their protective wall is repaired, and their President, Bill Bremmer, is determined to exploit their ignorance and fear to pursue an agenda all his own, even if it means war. Once again finding herself in the middle of forces beyond her control, and with enemies and deception on all sides, Hannah tries desperately to save her home, and to discern the truth about those around her.

[Serenity Falling US] [Serenity Falling UK] [Serenity Falling DE] [Serenity Falling AU] [ Serenity Falling CA] [Or type “Serenity Falling” in your local Amazon store]

[Or type “Divided Serenity” in your local Amazon store]

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