Divided Serenity – Science Fiction Adventure

When the ancients colonized the planet named Serenity they displaced an indigenous population and constructed a vast force-field wall to keep the Aterran colonists safe. Eons have passed. The two parts of the world remain isolated: those inside the wall with technology, and those outside the wall with none. The Aterrans have long forgotten their ancient founders wrongdoings and care little for those who live beyond their wall.

Until an earthquake destroys their protective wall—at least that’s the official report.

The scattered tribes of the Jaru have neither forgotten nor forgiven. For the first time in their history they have begun to unite and are bringing their war to the wall.

Ten years have passed since John Tanis tried to kill his best friend. Not finishing the job is his only regret. Exiled from Aterra, Tanis has fought for survival and acceptance in the native lands outside the wall—lands that are now sliding into turmoil.

Ancient technology is indestructible, or so everyone thought. Knowledge of its workings has faded from memory—no one cared until they lost the wall. Ancient technology specialist Hannah Duval holds the knowledge to restore the protective wall. But to do this she will need to leave Aterra and enter the mysterious native lands.

Available on Amazon
Available on Amazon

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